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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Experts say that migrations from Unix to Linux have slowed down because all the low-hanging fruit has now been picked. Linux growth in the U.S. x86 server market has, over the past six quarters, started to falter and reverse its positive course relative to Windows Server and the market as a whole." More here.
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RE[2]: Turn around
by diegocg on Fri 26th Oct 2007 13:14 UTC in reply to "RE: Turn around"
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You say this as if producing graphical management tools is easy.

In my opinion, it shouldn't be too hard. It's just that the linux crew believes that nobody should use GUI admin tools, which is STUPID.

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RE[3]: Turn around
by segedunum on Fri 26th Oct 2007 13:33 in reply to "RE[2]: Turn around"
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In my opinion, it shouldn't be too hard.

It is hard, because no one has even been able to do this on desktops. It also shows a true ignorance for what's involved that I see displayed by an awful lot of Linux distribution companies. I thought they might have learned by now.

It's just that the linux crew believes that nobody should use GUI admin tools, which is STUPID.

I hear this silly, silly argument time and again. If you believe that pointing people to the command line negates having good graphical tools then I'm afraid that is one of the primary reasons why there is more than an element of truth in the article. There's no reason why headless servers cannot be run, with a management framework to enable GUI management elsewhere. There is no such framework, and no such GUI tools.

In 'enterprise' type circles, management tools that people can pick up and use are absolutely everything. Squealing 'command line' is going to get you no response other than people buying more Windows servers.

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RE[4]: Turn around
by rajj on Sat 27th Oct 2007 02:09 in reply to "RE[3]: Turn around"
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In enterprise circles, change management and automation is absolutely everything nowadays. GUI interfaces make that hard if not impossible. If I can store my entire configuration environment in a version control system, have those configurations applied automatically when they change, and have an audit trail of who, when and what changed, that is far more important that having idiot box GUI tools.

At any rate, this is all a red herring. There are GUI/Server automation tools for Linux from commercial vendors.

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