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Mac OS X Today, Apple is unleashing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard onto the world. It's already available to people in Australia and New Zealand (you liking it, Kaiwai?), and Europe and the US will follow later today. There's an article on what's new for Ruby developers, while others want to figure out what Leopard means to the 'enterprise' (I love those silly business terms). Update by AS: My copy of Leopard was slated for a 10AM delivery, but didn't arrive. I called FedEx and a CSR told me that an internal memo was just released; Apple has apparently waved the shipping deadline for all packages today and requested delivery be rescheduled at the end of the business day. Update 2 by AS: Ok, we've received our copy. How about you other US'ers?
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RE: Awww
by wallyd376 on Fri 26th Oct 2007 17:54 UTC in reply to "Awww"
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here are my thoughts.. add this to your review or leopard..

Mac OS X 10.5 Review. (

Before i get too far into this review, i just want to say this. I upgraded my 10.4.10 install of Tiger to Leopard 10.5 (gm) build 9a581) with all the excitement of a little boy on christmas morning, however, within two hours found myself backing up my personal files wiping the install, going back to tiger.. the reason, the dock. The OS is almost perfect. Yes there are little things that bugged me, but overall great.. but here is my BIG NOTE TO APPLE... we (the end users) do not like features being taken away from us... and your way is NOT always better.. So, before you creative professionals who need applications a mouse click away and people who like clean organized docks go upgrading.. you should read my review.. because everyone at all the major publications are paid well to blow smoke and reality distortion dust up everyones butt, i'm not.

Ok, that being said...

Icons: BAD: If you need them large in the sidebar, you may want to wait.
1.) The Icons are hideous compared to past version of mac os x. Mac os has been known from day one for beautiful 3d, realistic icons that have made other os's icons look like crap.. now for some reason in 10.5 apple took a step back an has gone to a flat, dull icon theme.. not really impressive. I can actually say.. vistas look better, and thats a sad comment. Also, on the icon rant, the icons in the sidebar of the finder can not be set to a larger size. The current "tiny" icons are hard to see and navigate, especially for children, elderly or people with special needs. That seems like a serious OS design flaw. There should really be an option for larger icons or at least they should automatically grow and resize when the sidebar divider is pulled out and made larger, they are just much too small.

Default Wallpaper: BAD: all i can say is.. who is the startrek fan at apple?
2.) The default wall paper is also apples most hideous offering to date. It makes me recall old lame redhat and caldera linux background from the early 90's.. The swirly 60's startrek theme is probably where steve jets his magic reality distortion dust from. It's just bad. Why not some new blackish variation on one of the many faces of the blue swishy background? Not we get.. "lame space" ! My suggestion is digging into the system/library folder on the root directory, finding the core services folder and replacing the file "DefaultDesktop.jpg" with something easier on the eyes. That picture file is the background shown when you start up your computer behind the login screen.. and i'm guessing.. because i haven't tried it.. the default background for time machine. But im not entirely sure on that one. I personally like something a little more solid and subtle that draws my attention to the windows and icons on the desktop.. this new default image screams so loud you can see anything but "space".

Finder + Coverflow: aka: Coverblow.. who cares..
3.) The finder itself is great as a whole, it's fast and does it's job well and the redesigned look matches the rest of the mac os x experience really well. The only drawback, as mentioned above, is that the icons in the sidebar can not be resized. The only other comment I would have about the finder, and this is probably shared by most people, is that quick look is a stupid eye-candy feature, and not really useful for anything other than browsing photo collections.. which i can easily do in iPhoto.. or apples pro application formats. As a graphics professional, i been through a few version of adobes bridge application and others like it in the past few years, and most people i know never use bridge or choose not to install it during the install process. The point being, the finder already previews file... images, pdfs, and a few other formats.. I would have wished apple would have ditched the whole quicklook thing in place of just getting the system to correctly preview illustrator, indesign, quark and other commonly used media files in the finder. Creative professionals: NO.. 10.5 still does not preview the most commonly used graphics formats.. even with the much talked about cover flow.. the issue is skirted and never answered directly by apple because they want you to upgrade.. so.. now you know..

4.) The dock... well what can I say.. absolutely unusable.
In the past, i would create a folder and place shortcuts to all of my applications in it and sort the shortcuts in folders, i could then drop the folder in the dock and with a simple right click have access to all of my applications from a organized menu and have a nice clean and tidy dock to boot. Now, enter the leopard dock.. I can still get a pop up, but a hate all of the real-estate it uses on the screen, also, from the pop ups, you only get one level.. so if you have a folder that contains another folder of shortcuts for example, you can only open the folder, not preview multiple levels.. Let me explain: I hate having a million icons in my dock.. my current tiger dock contains, from left to right, the finder icon, preview, mail and a firefox icon, then the spacer, a folder that contains all of my application icons, and then the trash icon. A total of six icons all together.. I like my dock really clean, small and out of the way. My icon folder contains several folders called adobe, internet, games, utilities etc.. and those folders contain all of my shortcuts.. a simple right click from the dock lets me access every application that i need without ever having to dig around in the finder or applications folder. This functionality has been completely removed. That drives me nuts.. Also, when folders are placed in the dock, they use the icon from the first file in the folder instead of the folders icon.. So your custom folder icons don't work anymore.. That makes the icons hard to figure out.. especially if the files in your folders change a lot.. who was in the HIG department at apple and what the hell drugs were they on. The dock at least needs some options that can be set by the user, like.. turn OFF stacks and grid or fan or.. what ever the hell it's called and let us be able to use the functionality of the old dock with the new look.

I think power users will be up in arms about the limited dock functionality.

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RE[2]: Awww
by Kroc on Fri 26th Oct 2007 18:53 in reply to "RE: Awww"
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1. Agree with Icons. Can't wait till CandyBar 3 is out and I can get Agua on there.

2. Wallpaper can be changed. They changed it from the default Blue, so at least it does show a shift in direction at Apple.

3. I've never understood Coverflow either, but it's very easy to never use, so fine-by-me. More file previews will come as companies update and add Leopard file-filters. Apple have done the grunt work thus far and I suspect the independent macshops will jump upon this feature right away.

4. Stacks seems like the fail-feature. It's not very OS-like. No doubt this was Steve Jobs' idea, you can almost always spot his personal ideas because he knows what he likes when he sees it, but has just no idea about good new features himself. The dock will be a contention point for years to come - this is the Mac after all, we have wars over the most trivial UI things. Whole articles are written on scrollbars. I'm willing to just ride it through and see how I feel in six months time.

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RE[2]: Awww
by openwookie on Sat 27th Oct 2007 07:17 in reply to "RE: Awww"
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I think power users will be up in arms about the limited dock functionality.

I think power users use Quicksilver.

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RE[3]: Awww
by acidblue on Sat 27th Oct 2007 15:13 in reply to "RE: Awww"
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If you want to try a 2D dock all you have to do is set a property. Granted it's not the 10.4 version, but perhaps to your liking?

The command is:

defaults write no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock

Got it from:

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