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Legal When her 0.29" family video was taken down by YouTube on the request of Universal MPG, the affected mother of two struck back with a lawsuit against Universal with the help of the EFF. While technically her family video might have been a copyright infringement as she had no license to include Prince's song as a background score, it is encouraging to see the public fighting back against restrictive laws that get in the way of their every day lives. My Take: I stated my own opinion on the matter on my personal blog.
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by Haicube on Sun 28th Oct 2007 06:22 UTC
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Sorry to say this, but some very intelligent person said China has something called "Market communism" where the communist party is above all but they still let the market do the way they want as long as they pay up them taxes.

Now I'd put my neck out and say the US has "Dual Core Market communism", as there is only 2 parties who have quite a lot in common with eachother and also believes in the market quite heavily.

I think that Europe will have a more sober view on Copyright and software patents in the upcoming decade (even though I'm concerned about what's happening here). What will happen and already is happening is that Europe has serious growth in the software and innovation while the US is slowly loosing it's momentum. Much of it due to the fact that organisations like RIAA think that CDs is the only way to listen to music...

I'd also like to add, being a major US enthusiast, that if I could point out 1 single thing preventing me to move to the us, it's the authoritarian system that has grown up and more specifically that the US now has several private police forces, one called RIAA and another one called IFPI and a third on called BSA. I really disagree with privately owned SS troops in a country. Now where are the visionaries in US politics who don't like being bribed?

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RE: Humour
by dylansmrjones on Sun 28th Oct 2007 07:37 in reply to "Humour"
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"Dual Core Market communism"

Niiice term. You don't mind I "loan" that one for my next editorial? Would make for a splendid attack on the Danish economical model ;)

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RE[2]: Humour
by Haicube on Sun 28th Oct 2007 14:58 in reply to "RE: Humour"
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I would certainly not mind....

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RE: Humour
by tyrione on Sun 28th Oct 2007 21:35 in reply to "Humour"
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Having 3 or more major political parties in the U.S. will be the only means of restoring representative voting.

I can't stomach how much both parties vomit on the US Constitution.

I can't stomach even more the lack of concern about the US Constitution's preamble in relation to the crumbling US Infrastructure.

That leads me to the laughable Capitalistic/Free Enterprise Markets that we currently don't exhibit. We have a collection of consolidating market segments and they proclaim competition.

Competition? Define a minimum of 50 insurance companies competing in all 50 states and owned territories for our consumers. Do that in the auto industry (I don't mean 3 major behemoths own 50 car companies) as well as in all industries and you'll see innovation and advancements Capitalism proclaims should happen.

All I'm seeing are strategic oligopolies treating their "individual" corporate status as a means to protest/lobby the government for their corporation under the guise of grievances.

It's a joke.

We should have such drought conditions in the U.S. Waterways/canals to control against flooding, hurricanes and droughts don't exist.

Show me a Congress and White House that focuses on expanding infrastructure for the Nation and the industries springing up will make the economy flourish.

Until then, the name of the game is exploitation.

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