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Mac OS X "What's new in Leopard? A lot. From the unified interface (goodbye, brushed aluminum) to major under-the-hood changes, to wholly new apps, Leopard is a substantial, albeit evolutionary, advance for Mac OS X that builds on a solid foundation and adds a modicum of eye candy to reinforce the notion that this is something new and improved. It's also fast - especially impressive given the new graphics sprinkled throughout the OS."
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Please don't choose your operating system based on the look of icons and wallpapers. That's _such_ a small part of what you want an OS to do for you.

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It really has nothing to do with icons or wall paper... it's usability issues.. Icons that are too small to see on 12" or 15" laptop displays (side bar icons) for people with poor vision, this is really a problem.. no matter what the icons look like.. also, apple has taken away basic user input methods with the new dock.. In the windows task bar (or kde for that matter).. you can click the menu and you get a pop up.. choose.. and you get a fly-out menu.. you can keep going deeper into folder levels until you get to the application or file you need.. with the dock.. if you click a "stack".. if the stack contains folders.. you can not go deeper into folders from the dock.. it forces you to open the folder..

for some reason, apple is forcing "stacks" on the end user.. I could care less, but at least give the option to have a "list" view like previous docks. The crappy thing is, if you dig into the in the system, core services folder and view the contents of the i found that in the file dockmenu.string there is the option for "Fan, Grid and List!!".. except for some reason apple disabled this basic user input feature.. why?? I have folders full of application aliases sorted in folders by what they are.. internet apps, graphics apps, programing apps... etc.. and I have connected server mounts in my dock that all with a right click in tiger gave me a need menu with flyouts that i could quickly search for files without having to open a single window.. I can't do this now in leopard.

No not icons and wall paper issues or even 3d eye candy. i could care less about that.. it's apples microsoftish approach of guiding us towards the "stacks" technology" while breaking something that worked just fine. if it ain't broke dont fix it.. feel free to improve it.. just don't break it.. Apple broke an essential system function in the dock.. and from the reviews on almost every forum.. people HATE the way the dock works now.. and im not talking about the major sites like macworld and stuff that are paid to basically blow smoke up apple ass.. hit macosxhints or google tinker tool or onyx.. everyone is requesting hacks to fix the dock's crippled functionality so it can actually be used in a work or production environment.. In my field, time is critical and money isn't free.. so shelling out for 3rd party apps to do some basic thing like menu navigation of more than one level is ridiculous. I don't have time to be digging through folders for things, and i sure don't have room or the vision for a dock with ton of icons in it..

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