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Mac OS X "While the Apple hype machine and its fanatical followers would have you believe that Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' is a major upgrade to the company's venerable operating system, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, Leopard is yet another evolutionary upgrade in a long line of evolutionary OS X upgrades, all of which date back to the original OS X release in 2001. But let me get one huge misunderstanding out of the way immediately: That's not a dig at Leopard at all. Indeed, if anything, Apple is in an enviable position: OS X is so solid, so secure, and so functionally excellent that it must be getting difficult figuring out how to massage another USD 129 out even the most ardent fans. Folks, Leopard is good stuff. But then that's been true of Mac OS X for quite a while now." Additionally, Apple acknowledges installation problems caused by Unsanity's APE, while others are complaining about problems with Java, or visual oddities. Additionally, there are hacks that restore the black dock triangles, opacify the menubar, and to enable Time Machine on Airport disks. Update: It appears the Leopard firewall has a dent in its armour.
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RE: The importance of bias
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 29th Oct 2007 22:36 UTC in reply to "The importance of bias"
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Its important to know the bias of the people who write these articles...sorry link sheet, perhaps this one should be followed by a Leopard 6 months on.

Although it is nice that, these Leopard articles have finally arrived. Perhaps a massive link section for the positive leopard articles will follow.

Ah, the usual OSNews-eats-fluffy-puppies-and-kills-babies complaint.

I'm sorry there are negative reports on Leopard. I'm also deeply sorry for putting all those into one single story, together with some very useful hacks and an informative (but obviously biased) review. How dareth I place even the faintest of shadow of a doubt on the greatness that is Apple.

Get over yourself. We did similar round-ups when Vista launched. It's a nice way to group similar stuff together, in one story. If I were to smear all these stories out as individual stories, all the Mac fans would be all over me too. We can never do it right, and honestly, I'm okay with that. Comes with the job.

Mmmm, tasty tasty fluffy puppies.

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by cyclops on Mon 29th Oct 2007 23:30 in reply to "RE: The importance of bias"
RE[3]: The importance of bias
by CPUGuy on Tue 30th Oct 2007 02:25 in reply to "RE[2]: The importance of bias"
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So an article when every new developer build comes out isn't enough?

Posting several reviews isn't enough?

Every OS bigot always says that OSNews is biased towards other OSes, it's getting (has been) really old.

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StephenBeDoper Member since:

The bottom line is Leopard articles were sparse until well this page...BSD seems to be all over the place, Ubuntu seems to have vanished off the be replaced by Linux is rubbish "because of" articles. Thats the state of this site.

That's not exactly what I consider to be a conclusive argument. More like a text-book example of observer bias.

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RE[2]: The importance of bias
by theine on Tue 30th Oct 2007 11:56 in reply to "RE: The importance of bias"
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Ah, the usual OSNews-eats-fluffy-puppies-and-kills-babies complaint.

You like to say that, don't you?

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RE[2]: The importance of bias
by Nossie on Tue 30th Oct 2007 19:38 in reply to "RE: The importance of bias"
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ok so where is the ars technica review if your so unbiased in your roundup?

Your article links to paul thurrot (sp???) for gods sake... he might have a clue about Windows software but he is the last you should ask advice from for Apple. And yes I listen to his windows weekly podcast and his apple comments on that were STUPID. Add the ars technica link to this roundup or its quite obvious that your just trying to fan the flames against apples OS.

BTW... I dont disagree with this roundup, but if your actually looking for equality like you supposedly did for Vista then missing the ars technica and linking to Windows supersite of ALL people is an obvious stab against it. And I dont care the Ars technica article is just down from this, it wont be in 6 months time.

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