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FreeBSD "FreeBSD 7.0 will be the next release of FreeBSD, and is the first major release in 2 years. It's due out some time later this year (currently in pre-release and available for testing). FreeBSD 7.0 brings major changes to the BSD and open source operating system landscape." This document [.pdf] describes all the changes.
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ULE scheduler not yet default?
by FreeGamer on Tue 30th Oct 2007 02:12 UTC
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I don't get it. Why isn't the ULE scheduler the default? They eulagise it's performance then go with the '4BSD' scheduler for 7.0 - that's almost an indigtment against the robustness and/or stability of the ULE scheduler.

I'm sure the ULE scheduler is good enough, but I really don't get why they have put it off as the default until 7.1 - a strange, strange decision. If you want an older, stabler FreeBSD (i.e. the tried, tested 6.x) then why would you choose 7.0, ergo it's the surely ideal release for unleashing the ULE scheduler on the wider public.

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kargl Member since:

Go read the freebsd-current mailing list. The decision to keep the 4BSD scheduler as the default was based on the relatively limited amount of exposure that ULE had for testing. ULE has only been in the source in its current form for about a month.

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Because FreeBSD is not about Linux like hype and putting newest parts of the untested code but about to create production ready release as usual, ULE scheduler is new and shiny, even too new, its great and fast as fsck, but as all things in FreeBSD need testing and aprooval, its just not the DEFAULT scheduler, nothing stops you from rebuilding the kernel (which most FreeBSD users do by the way), just after installation with ULE scheduler.

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This was a decision by the release engineers. I don't agree with it personally for more or less the reasons you say. Maybe it would be useful to forward your comments to

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It's about quality.

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