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Mac OS X "While the Apple hype machine and its fanatical followers would have you believe that Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' is a major upgrade to the company's venerable operating system, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, Leopard is yet another evolutionary upgrade in a long line of evolutionary OS X upgrades, all of which date back to the original OS X release in 2001. But let me get one huge misunderstanding out of the way immediately: That's not a dig at Leopard at all. Indeed, if anything, Apple is in an enviable position: OS X is so solid, so secure, and so functionally excellent that it must be getting difficult figuring out how to massage another USD 129 out even the most ardent fans. Folks, Leopard is good stuff. But then that's been true of Mac OS X for quite a while now." Additionally, Apple acknowledges installation problems caused by Unsanity's APE, while others are complaining about problems with Java, or visual oddities. Additionally, there are hacks that restore the black dock triangles, opacify the menubar, and to enable Time Machine on Airport disks. Update: It appears the Leopard firewall has a dent in its armour.
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RE: This is quite amusing
by pythonguy on Tue 30th Oct 2007 10:06 UTC in reply to "This is quite amusing"
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I agree. The article is full of double-talk. While appearing to do a review of Leopard, it is in fact trying to do a not-so-subtle comparison of Leopard vs Vista, which is many times in-your-face and utterly unprofessional from someone like Thurrot. The entire gist of the article is aimed at holding Windows users who could be eyeing the purchase of a new Mac in the holiday season with Leopard on it.

Also, Thurrot is trying his very best to make the (uninformed) reader believe that Leopard is nothing but a poor copy of Vista and it will be a very bad idea to switch to the "Dark SIde". See these pearls of wisdom for illustration...

"Indeed, the parallels between Vista and Leopard are hard to ignore, and not just because Jobs and Company have spent the past several years being more fixated on Vista than perhaps even I've been."

We know who run the copiers and in which direction. It would be stupid to argue that Leopard was delayed so it could copy the "fine" features from Vista. The 6 months delay was due to reassignment of internal resources to the iPhone project.

"here's Time Machine, a bizarre take on the Previous Versions feature in Windows."

No sense in comparing a server-only feature with one of the best features in Leopard, which has been pretty nicely done. It looks like Apple might actually succeed in making backing up look like a sexy thing to do with the "bizzarre" interface and all, which Microsoft has been unsuccessful in doing even with their many years of Desktop domination. The only thing lacking from it is that it backs up whole files instead of diffs, but this could be on the way when the Mac port of ZFS is complete.

"Its added a useful if limited new feature called Stacks to the Dock to close the gap with the superior and more logical Windows Start Menu."

I do not get the comparison. Windows start menu is a completely different user interface from the Dock. The Windows start menu is like an "application menu" for the entire Windows, where as the dock isn't. The Stacks /grid feature gives an entirely different user experience from the Windows menu.

"Apple's file manager application, the Finder, has always been adequate, but this time around it's been upgraded with a number of Vista-like features, including a new look and feel (based, go figure, on iTunes) and a semi-customizable sidebar."

Again the not-so-subtle talk about the reverse xerox at work...

There are many more. I dont want to carp on these. The article should be renamed as "A comparison between Leopard and my favorite Vista" instead of "Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard review".

Paul, do yourself a favor and read up the excellent and informative article on Leopard by the consistent
John Siracusa who actually seems to know what he is writing about. I would take a Windows review anyday from you, but you have not done your homework before doing this Leopard "review".

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