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Mac OS X "While the Apple hype machine and its fanatical followers would have you believe that Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' is a major upgrade to the company's venerable operating system, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, Leopard is yet another evolutionary upgrade in a long line of evolutionary OS X upgrades, all of which date back to the original OS X release in 2001. But let me get one huge misunderstanding out of the way immediately: That's not a dig at Leopard at all. Indeed, if anything, Apple is in an enviable position: OS X is so solid, so secure, and so functionally excellent that it must be getting difficult figuring out how to massage another USD 129 out even the most ardent fans. Folks, Leopard is good stuff. But then that's been true of Mac OS X for quite a while now." Additionally, Apple acknowledges installation problems caused by Unsanity's APE, while others are complaining about problems with Java, or visual oddities. Additionally, there are hacks that restore the black dock triangles, opacify the menubar, and to enable Time Machine on Airport disks. Update: It appears the Leopard firewall has a dent in its armour.
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I bet you'll have a hard time finding more than 500 after 5 years unless you count each pixel in the windows logo a new feature.

Unfortunately, to reach the 300 new features for OS X, Apple had to do just that, among their 300 new features:
- A link to Google Maps
- Boot Camp adds SEVEN features of the 300 (Boot Camp, Boot Camp Assist, the drivers, copying files, keyboard support, and a taskbar shortcut are among the new Leopard features, Microsoft would have just listed "Boot Camp" as the new feature
- Apple specifically lists "New Look" as a new feature for Safari
- 14 of the new features on the list are for adding new langauges, which takes up to 3 new features each (X spell check, X support in dictionary, X localization support)
- Apparently "Printer Support" is a new feature in Leopard
- Safari's list (13 features) is mostly talking about the addition of DnD support for tabs, same for Terminal (same exact new feature)
- 6 new screensavers, errm, features were added
- Spaces adds 5 features
- Empty Trash Button is a very impressive feature
- Time Machine is 11 features

I could go on, but as you can see, if Microsoft measured features like that ("New Look", 8 different new features for each application where they added tab DnD support, 3 features for each language it supports, and stuff like "Printer Support" as new features, you can get to whatever number you want pretty quickly.

I mentioned over 60 of Leopard's new features in this post.

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>if Microsoft measured features like that ("New Look", 8 different new
>features for each application where they added tab DnD support, 3
>features for each language it supports, and stuff like "Printer Support" as
>new features, you can get to whatever number you want pretty quickly.

Well why MS doesn't measure features like that? They are free to. I dont think anyone will mind or have a problem with that whatsoever. So your post is kind of pointless my friend I have to say.

To help you get it, the problem people have is there product "Vista" is slowwwwwwwwww as hell and annoying like having food stuck between your teeth that you cant get out. Constantly gets in your way of doing things, lowers the productivity and demoralizes people emotionally by frustrating the user.

For Microsoft to be great, again, they will have to STOP releasing new features for then next 10 years and just work on improving/revising the existing functionality to the point it is perfect again and usable by human beings.

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This isn't about Vista. This is about the deceptive, lying marketing practices that Apple is doing, showing they are MORE dishonest then Microsoft.

Come on, if Microsoft came out with a feature list like this with Vista, Apple and others would have been running all over it pointing out how all the new features are just restating the same one 100 times. The fact is, the article is right, this isn't a real major release of OS X. Beyond what the article said, it really doesn't have a lot of new features, and none of the new features are really impressive and make switching to Mac worthwhile over the previous releases. The vast majority of new features in this release are rather small and not very impressive. The most impressive features is Spaces, which linux has provided for years and is readily available on windows.

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