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Mac OS X The Ars review of Leopard concludes: "What a long, strange trip it's been. Leopard turned out very differently than I imagined it would only a year ago. Despite some big disappointments near the end of its development process - the new Dock, the menu bar, more Finder floundering - the foundation is stronger than it's ever been."
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Objective C
by wanker90210 on Tue 30th Oct 2007 20:32 UTC
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"With Leopard, Mac OS X's API future is clearer than it's ever been. The future is Objective-C, Cocoa, 64-bit."

Please excuse a soon to be Mac owner; is there another reason for Objective C than the Next legacy? Apart from Mac, isn't it more or less a dead language?

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RE: Objective C
by rorya on Thu 1st Nov 2007 14:13 in reply to "Objective C"
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GnuStep uses it as well, but that's really another OpenStep implementation.

But anyhow, the improvements Apple have made with Obj-C 2.0 are good, having the garbage collection option and such.

I think the direction taken with Obj-C makes more sense than the apporach MS & SUN have taken with .NET & Java, respectively, where the whole runtime is implemented separately from the OS's native runtime. Obj-C is nice in that it is a higher abstraction of the OS's native runtime. Also, it still allows one to take advantage of the power of the underlying C runtime, when needed.

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