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FreeBSD "FreeBSD 7.0 will be the next release of FreeBSD, and is the first major release in 2 years. It's due out some time later this year (currently in pre-release and available for testing). FreeBSD 7.0 brings major changes to the BSD and open source operating system landscape." This document [.pdf] describes all the changes.
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RE: Go Linux! Not...
by Tweek on Wed 31st Oct 2007 03:20 UTC in reply to "Go Linux! Not..."
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There are no loopholes in the GPL, people are simply using it as the license was designed.

"I certainly won't support the operating system. "

you were never a user to begin with, just a troll on forums pretending to be the breaking point user.

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RE[2]: Go Linux! Not...
by melkor on Wed 31st Oct 2007 10:32 in reply to "RE: Go Linux! Not..."
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hahaha. I first started using Linux (Redhat 5.2) way back in 1997. You? I used Linux as my SOLE desktop from early 2003 through to early 2007. You? Probably one of those Windows refugees that I have a heavy disliking for, that uses Linux only cos it's free as in money. I prefer my free as in freedom thank you. I prefer the old style Linux kernel that still worked well, and wasn't the bastard child of big corporations, where Linus wasn't pwned by them. Where developments in the kernel were for the people, not necessarily only business directed.

I've been a solid and regular member of the Linux community for a good number of years now, some might remember me from the Libranet forums, where I was a staunch supporter of the product and consistently helped others in the community - taking much of my own time I might add.

I wrote a highly respected 20 odd page review of Libranet 3.0, that was detailed, and not the short bullshit reviews that you see most people writing.

Shall I go on?

You sir are the troll, when you criticise others without even knowning anything about them.


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