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Apple Confirming long-standing rumours, Apple has today announced the iTunes-enabled phone together with Motorola in a special press event. The phone will automatically pause when you get a call, explained Jobs. The ROKR can only hold about 100 songs, according to Jobs. "The way we think of this phone is, it's really an iPod shuffle on your phone," he explained. "Both devices can shuffle, both can autofill, neither has a click wheel - but the phone has a display." Meanwhile, Microsoft joins hands with Orange to challenge Apple Motorola iTunes Phone.
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Appears to be missing the killer feature
by dagw on Wed 7th Sep 2005 19:38 UTC
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There is one obvious feature that seems to be missing, iTunes music store. What I was kind of hoping for was a phone where, in addition to standard iPod features, I could browse ITMS on my phone, download songs over a 3G network connections and have the cost of the song added to my phone bill. No matter where you are, if you really want to hear that one song, it's just a few clicks away. If they could make that happen, then I can see some real potential.

Otherwise it's just a phone that plays MP3s, and I already have an MP3 player.

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expect more apple + Moto deals, yes even the ability to download over the air. Pretty sure that will be coming maybe not in this model but who knows what future models will have... 3g downloading! The only prop operators prob dont wont a iTMS phone is that they want a cut in the pie of cash.... Who willing to break first?

For me personally though, the iPod Nano stole the show! Why pay all that money for a phone when you can get a much cooler, funky device that holds even more songs and is tiny. Also it comes in black.. get in apple!!! This may be the iceburg that will push me to get an ipod... we'll see....

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