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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The first milestone of Project Indiana (part of the community) is now available - called "OpenSolaris Developer Preview." The OpenSolaris Developer Preview is the first milestone of Project Indiana. It is a single CD combined live/install image: a core operating system, kernel, system libraries, a desktop environment and a package management system. It is not a final release and is intended for developers to try, test, and provide feedback. Get your copy now.
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re: For the hobbyist, what is the benefit?
by AndrewZ on Thu 1st Nov 2007 17:22 UTC
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>For the hobbyist, what is the benefit/drawing points of OpenSolaris?

Little if any benefit to the hobbyist. This is like asking, "Could I commute to work in a dump truck?"

But for heavy lifting, you really need a dump truck OS like Solaris to run your enterprise services.

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google_ninja Member since:

the key word there was "hobbyist"

Couldnt that rationale be applied to any form of UNIX? (not counting OSX)

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celt Member since:

"Little if any benefit to the hobbyist. This is like asking, "Could I commute to work in a dump truck?"


Like Windows products are any less heavy (read bloated)? Install away, regardless of who you are! Everyone benefits OpenSolaris or any project of it's kind. It might not be of any use to you or your organization now, but no harm in experiencing what others are doing.

I'm partial to BSD, but really, really, dig what Sun and others are doing with OpenSolaris - killer stuff, keep it coming.

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I don't think he meant bloat, I think he meant stuff like throughput vs latency. for a server, you want high throughput. for a desktop, you want low latency.

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