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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The first milestone of Project Indiana (part of the community) is now available - called "OpenSolaris Developer Preview." The OpenSolaris Developer Preview is the first milestone of Project Indiana. It is a single CD combined live/install image: a core operating system, kernel, system libraries, a desktop environment and a package management system. It is not a final release and is intended for developers to try, test, and provide feedback. Get your copy now.
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no easy way to have console only setup
by rhavenn on Thu 1st Nov 2007 19:29 UTC
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My big beef with Solaris / OpenSolaris is that it is almost impossible for a Solaris newb (experienced Linux / FreeBSD admin) to get a working console only server that can actually do anything. It's impossible to find the right package name for man pages without resorting to Google and everything has dependencies on X, etc...

I really don't understand why Solaris can't do a "default" install with man pages and not have all these crazy ass dependencies on X. BSD can define a "without_X11" variable so no ports or dependencies that rely on X are installed.

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Robert Escue Member since:

What I don't understand is how you get that everything in Solaris/Open Solaris has dependencies on X? When you install Solaris 10, you are presented with six install metaclusters from SUNWrnet (Reduced Networking) to Full Distribution plus OEM Support (SUNWCXall).

The two installation clusters that you are looking for that do not install X are SUNWrnet and SUNWcore, keep in mind that there are a number of packages that are not installed as a part of either one of these two install clusters including SSH, gcc and the development libraries. I tried to come up with a minimized install for web servers with Zone and ZFS support, but after two weeks of calculating dependencies I decided on using a Full Distribution installation and simply disable what I don't want running.

There is no reasonable way to come up with a "core without X" install that will make everybody happy. Most Solaris administrators (myself included) use a JumpStart/Flash server and create a custom install for a class of machines then create a Flash Archive to build more machines of the same class.

I think what would be far easier would be to perform a Full Distribution installation and disable X from running by issuing the command "/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d", this disables dtlogin and X doesn't start.

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you must be crazy... (don't take this seriously!!)
In March I was a Solaris noob, until I got "project" transfered and I got going in a breeze.

I mean, as a Linux user, I got going a lot faster than when I have to make that occasional jump to MS Windows.

So now, I'm still a noob... but at least I know where I'm standing :-)

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