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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The first milestone of Project Indiana (part of the community) is now available - called "OpenSolaris Developer Preview." The OpenSolaris Developer Preview is the first milestone of Project Indiana. It is a single CD combined live/install image: a core operating system, kernel, system libraries, a desktop environment and a package management system. It is not a final release and is intended for developers to try, test, and provide feedback. Get your copy now.
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If there is not benefit for the hobbyist then who is Project Indiana targeting?

Unless Sun provides a relatively easy way to try out their unique and cool features like Zones, ZFS, and Dtrace then I really cannot see a reason to spend the time to make Solaris easier to install. If someone needs a mastery of the command line to use any of these tools then a slightly complicated text based install system should be no problem.

If I want to use Gnome then I will just keep Ubuntu installed. It seems to me that if Sun really want to distinguish Indiana from any other Gnome desktop then they really need to spend some quality time and build some robust GUI applications that are useful and illustrate the value of Zones, ZFS, and Dtrace.

Just my two cents.

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