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Fedora Core Fedora 8 Release Candidate 3 has been released. "Fedora 8 Release Candidate 3 has been released on the torrent site. Both DVD and Live images have been provided. Unless something goes terribly wrong, these will be the same bits (modulo gpg signed SHA1SUM files) that will go to the mirrors for the final Fedora 8 release." Update: There is an interview up about CodecBuddy's inclusion in Fedora 8 with the two developers behind this feature.
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RE[3]: Yum
by gilboa on Sat 3rd Nov 2007 10:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Yum"
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IMO, presto is not ready yet. (But I've yet to test it on newer versions of F8).
It was stable, but somehow, even on a dual quad-core Clovertown, yum seemed (IHMHO!) slower.
Hopefully it'll be ready by F9.

As for speed, a couple of months ago I would have agreed with you... however, my local Debian mirror is down and I'm forced to use remote servers, slowing down apt considerably. (netselect-apt didn't really help)
For now, with no local mirrors, apt is just as fast (or as slow) as yum.

- Gilboa

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RE[4]: Yum
by sbergman27 on Sat 3rd Nov 2007 11:34 in reply to "RE[3]: Yum"
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I still have some machines running FC1. (They are POS stations which are never exposed to anything outside of their own small, trusted network.) I occasionally have need to install some package on them. And *oh my god!*, remember when yum downloaded all those zillions of little header files that it needed one by one uncompressed? Yum has, indeed, come far.

On delta updates. Suse has, of course, been doing them for years. At least they used to, and I assume they still do. I distinctly remember being thoroughly disappointed by their performance. Of course, that was a *long* time ago and things may have changed.

At any rate, the potential of deltas is huge for a distro like Fedora. I just spot checked (by adding up all the sizes of the updates in the i386 F7 updates directory), and Fedora has released over 6 Gigabytes of updates to F7 in less than six months. Of course, most people do not have *everything* installed, but still.

I should note, for those unaware, that this is not because Fedora is buggy and needs all those patches to fix stuff. Fedora tracks upstream, and if the upstream releases a 1.02 version to replace 1.01, Fedora will push that out.

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RE[4]: Yum
by Rahul on Sat 3rd Nov 2007 12:47 in reply to "RE[3]: Yum"
Rahul Member since:

If you anyone is interested in Presto, there are working repositories available at

Presto is a pretty neat feature IMO. Check it out.

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RE[5]: Yum
by sbergman27 on Sat 3rd Nov 2007 14:58 in reply to "RE[4]: Yum"
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My understanding was that presto was going to be enabled by default in F8. I didn't think to ask if the default repos would be presto-enabled. Will they be?

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