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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Earlier this week Everex launched the gPC TC2502, which is a sub-USD 200 PC sold at a major US retailer, but what makes this unique is that it runs the gOS. The gOS (GreenOS) is designed to be a conceptual Google Operating System that is based upon Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. Though this is not the conventional GNOME desktop environment but an Enlightenment E17 desktop is used that is heavily modified and reflects a green Google theme. The gOS provides easy access to Google services such as YouTube, Google Product Search, Google Calendar, and Google Maps. Also a click away are other web services such as Wikipedia and Facebook. This isn't a pure Internet desktop but Xine, Skype,, and other applications are available for this Linux LiveCD. We've been trying the gOS out for a while and it's a rather nice slim desktop Linux distribution that would be perfect for Internet cafes and other public places." More screenshots.
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by rx182 on Sun 4th Nov 2007 03:19 UTC
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What is great about gOS isn't the distribution itself but Enlightenment. gOS clearly shows that e17 and its development framework have alot of potential. With e17, you get a really performant desktop (unlike Gnome/KDE) and believe it or not, more eye candy.

I lost faith in KDE4 already. I think alot of people should do like me and show interest in e17. gOS is just the beginning. I'm sure the devs of gOS/e17 could make the most amazing and functional desktop within a year. The technology is there. What they need now is your interest.

By the way, the font rendering in gOS is the best I've seen so far.

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by ssa2204 on Sun 4th Nov 2007 03:47 in reply to "gOS"
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I always thought that e17 had a lot going for it. The problem I see that they have been hampered with is slower development. I am not that aware of the development process, but I will take a guess that it may just simply come down to the number of people available. Hopefully this may help some, maybe even Google might assist in spreading the word about e17 to draw in more developers.

I am kind of surprised that they did pick e17 to run off of Ubuntu. Although I have no complaints, it does seem strange that Google wouldn't just re-brand so to speak Ubuntu/Gnome and release that. Not to knock e17 at all, but Gnome is a much more finished product than e17.

Lastly I am surprised that they do not offer a special webcam that will simply monitor your every waking move, kind of easier than scanning your e-mail and tracking your every move Google (sorry, I find Google to be just an annoying entity).

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RE[2]: gOS
by rx182 on Sun 4th Nov 2007 03:50 in reply to "RE: gOS"
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Google is in no way involved in the project. The link between Google and gOS is that gOS developers used Google applications as parts of their system. Oh, and this green pc too.

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RE[2]: gOS
by Moochman on Sun 4th Nov 2007 17:10 in reply to "RE: gOS"
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They didn't use Gnome or KDE because they put a slow-ass 1GHz or so VIA CPU in there, but they still want the performance to be snappy.

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RE[2]: gOS
by buff on Sun 4th Nov 2007 13:54 in reply to "gOS"
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Many people get this wrong on forums. The word alot is not a real word. It is two words as in a lot.

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