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OSNews, Generic OSes EyeOS 1.2, a web-based operating system, has been released. "We are proud to announce that eyeOS 1.2 has just been released! It's not just a necessary update on eyeOS 1.x, but also a bunch of new features and applications needed by eyeOS to be really useful for the every day use. Need to send a mail? Well, just open eyeMail. Did your friend send a Microsoft Word file? No problem, eyeOS will open it and allow you to modify it. Want to have multiple groups for family and friends to share information between them? eyeControl 1.2 will let you do that and much more, visually."
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RE: Not too sure about this
by kosmonaut on Tue 6th Nov 2007 11:46 UTC in reply to "Not too sure about this"
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I understand that you can keep your documents online, and files, but I do that with Google

Yes but with eyeOS, you can host the system in your own servers, not google´s.
With eyeOS you can be the service provider (imagine, for a small business or association) and remain in control (the system is GPLv3'ed)you just need the same LAMP server in which ,for example you host your website or your intranet, on the other hand with google you must be confident they are not going to -accidentally or otherwise- do anything whith the data they host.
Of course google apps are more evolved than eyeOS, but the virtual-web system developed by eyeOS looks like a very interesting foundation within which develop further applications "a la" google docs/calc/presentation.

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RE[2]: Not too sure about this
by gustl on Tue 6th Nov 2007 15:49 in reply to "RE: Not too sure about this"
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I hav a different Idea.

You could use this as kiosk, or set up a "system" you can access form any internet cafe, and probably get access to a richer feature set than the average internet cafe does offer you.

Maybe it is not really usable now, but coming more time and faster connections, it is highly likely that someone will find the "killer-usecase" to make this thing really take off.

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So, is there a web browser built in to EyeOS? That just sounds silly, if there is.

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