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3D News, GL, DirectX "Today, with the coming introduction of the NVIDIA 780i chipset, NVIDIA is looking to make serious changes to what is possible with enthusiast systems by launching a new technology platform. The name of the new standard is ESA - Enthusiast System Architecture. Its goal is to provide information and control to enthusiasts not just for NVIDIA motherboards and video cards, but to provide that information and control for many other components in an ESA-enabled system. The actual protocol is OS independent. This is very important for the future of ESA, as it will eventually allow ESA to operate with any platform."
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RE: why don't they
by zdzichu on Tue 6th Nov 2007 14:57 UTC in reply to "why don't they"
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There is. Login to any serious server and you will see all fans, PSU and other stuff statuses, serial numbers and other goodies. It can be accessed from OS via IPMI.
Why nVidia wants to reinvent wheel is beyond me.

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