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Window Managers Rasterman, the lead developer of the Enlightenment project, speaks about the future of Enlightenment, including the project's focus on the embedded world (Rasterman works at OpenMoko now), the relationship with commercial vendors, reorganized leadership, and even some hints at an upcoming release. "The primary thing of importance is getting E17 out the door. It's actually looking petty good. Only 2 really big TODO items left. I'm doing a theme revamp. The Default theme has very much aged. The gold bling isn't incredibly popular. I'm working on something I think people will love - and it still shows off E. It will replace the current default - and will also knock off some of the comment the default theme so its better documented for people to build new themes from and learn Edje."
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by madcrow on Tue 6th Nov 2007 16:05 UTC
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E17 is looking good, but I don't see it going anywhere on the desktop. Two competing DEs and toolkits (Qt/KDE and GTK+/GNOME) is tricky enough. Adding a third one into the mix would be rather confusing and very likely rejected by the *nix community. I do see an opportunity for e17 in the embedded space, where a smaller, newer toolkit might have more "traction" and isn't competing against as much entrenched design practice/dogma...

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RE: Cool...
by Nex6 on Tue 6th Nov 2007 16:38 in reply to "Cool..."
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Enlightenment has been arround for awhile. and E17, is very good. as ubuntu shows. when something is good the Community will flock to it. and the base EFL framework is very good. and well designed. Enlightenment is less a window manager and more of a desktop shell.


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RE[2]: Cool...
by madcrow on Tue 6th Nov 2007 18:14 in reply to "RE: Cool..."
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I'm not saying that it isn't good. It is. And I'm not saying that's it's not well-designed (it's VERY well designed). What I was saying is that the Linux desktop market simply isn't big enough to support a third major environment (I don't count XFCE as a major environment as it's GTK base and a few other factors mean it's essentially GNOME Lite) Just look at poor GNUstep. Despite it's advantages, it has a negligible userbase. If E17 wants to avoid this, it will focus on the "semi-embedded" sector (aka things like PDAs which are more or less general-purpose computers, but just really small) where the market is in more of a stater of flux than in the "full size" market.

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