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Window Managers Rasterman, the lead developer of the Enlightenment project, speaks about the future of Enlightenment, including the project's focus on the embedded world (Rasterman works at OpenMoko now), the relationship with commercial vendors, reorganized leadership, and even some hints at an upcoming release. "The primary thing of importance is getting E17 out the door. It's actually looking petty good. Only 2 really big TODO items left. I'm doing a theme revamp. The Default theme has very much aged. The gold bling isn't incredibly popular. I'm working on something I think people will love - and it still shows off E. It will replace the current default - and will also knock off some of the comment the default theme so its better documented for people to build new themes from and learn Edje."
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by zizban on Tue 6th Nov 2007 16:21 UTC
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Yup, that gold default theme is several degrees of nasty. Not unusable but not exactly easy on the eyes.

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RE: Gold
by irbis on Tue 6th Nov 2007 17:12 in reply to "Gold"
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Agreed. I vote for a new default E17 theme also. The previous golden theme might perhaps have looked cool in a few first screenshots and demos, but after that the golden bling was just quite a bit too much for normal desktop use IMHO.

Hopefully the new default theme will emphasize usability more than special effects just for their own sake... Nothing wrong with good and cool looks, of course, but the default theming should be neutral enough so that it doesn't turn too many people off. Also special effects should serve some functional purpose from usability point of view - or if that's not the case, then be something that the user can turn on (and off) if she wants.

I suppose the final stable release of E17 might not be so far in the future now after all? Good luck for the E17 team!

Gnome/GTK+ or KDE/QT do not suit everyone and I'm sure that E17 will find a lots of desktop users too. There will always be room for alternatives in the open source desktop environment / window manager world - and that's only good.

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