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Window Managers Rasterman, the lead developer of the Enlightenment project, speaks about the future of Enlightenment, including the project's focus on the embedded world (Rasterman works at OpenMoko now), the relationship with commercial vendors, reorganized leadership, and even some hints at an upcoming release. "The primary thing of importance is getting E17 out the door. It's actually looking petty good. Only 2 really big TODO items left. I'm doing a theme revamp. The Default theme has very much aged. The gold bling isn't incredibly popular. I'm working on something I think people will love - and it still shows off E. It will replace the current default - and will also knock off some of the comment the default theme so its better documented for people to build new themes from and learn Edje."
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RE: Desktop Shell...
by vtorri on Wed 7th Nov 2007 18:20 UTC in reply to "Desktop Shell..."
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opengl drivers are not stable enough, and compositing is too slow without it (xrender is not correctly supported, even if projects like nouveau try to (and actually do) improve that.

but you can have better than tranparancy with e17. I've written the module flame (based on raster's xflame), that displays flames at the bottom of the screen. It's completely useless, I agree. I can modify the module so that the flames are displayed in the title bar of each window (which is also completely useless ;) )

you can have animations in each part of the border of any window, you can have an animated background (which takes a lot of cpu, of course), etc...

Once projects like nouveau will be usable, then xrender will be useful and compositing will be possible with a very good speed.

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