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Graphics, User Interfaces Adobe Systems wants to transform its flagship Photoshop software with an interface customized to the task at hand, a potentially radical revamp for software whose power today is hidden behind hundreds of menu options. A new user interface will help Photoshop become "everything you need, nothing you don't," said Photoshop product manager John Nack, describing aspirations for the Photoshop overhaul on his blog Monday. "We must make Photoshop dramatically more configurable," Nack said. "Presenting the same user experience to a photographer as we do to a radiologist, as to a Web designer, as to a prepress guy, is kind of absurd... With the power of customizability, we can present solutions via task-oriented workspaces," Nack said.
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RE[2]: gimp
by DeadFishMan on Wed 7th Nov 2007 19:18 UTC in reply to "RE: gimp"
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Would you mind mentioning who are these "usability experts"? I'm just asking this because applications like GIMP and Blender have taken a lot of flak from armchair "usability experts" for years that think that they truly understand UI design and yet come up with suggestions like "make it look like Photoshop" or "Photoshop does it differently" (replace Photoshop with Maya/Lightwave/whatever in Blender's case) ignoring completely earlier design decisions and strengths of these tools that lead to their UIs' current state.

I am not saying that the developers cannot or that they should not try to improve but just that the noise comes primarily from these self-appointed "experts" that get upset when the developers - who are truly experienced people in their respective fields, even if they might lack some sensibility when designing GUIs - ignore their gibberish with a reasonable argument.

My advice for people that are truly interested to help their favorite applications to improve is to get involved with the project through the proper means, joining the mailing lists and following the discussions closely and try to align their suggestions with the overall vision of the project instead of just dropping an e-mail on the mailing list and then venting their frustration on internet bulletin boards. And to keep in mind that they're not the first ones to suggest Fitt's Law, spatial memories and the likes: I am pretty sure that most projects are well aware of these methodologies by now... XD

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RE[3]: gimp
by prokoudine on Wed 7th Nov 2007 19:21 in reply to "RE[2]: gimp"
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> Would you mind mentioning who are these "usability experts"?

This work has only started and you won't see results of tehir worj in any stable version of the application below. For instance, the rectangle tools in 2.4 are result of their work in collaboration with GIMP developers.

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