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Graphics, User Interfaces Adobe Systems wants to transform its flagship Photoshop software with an interface customized to the task at hand, a potentially radical revamp for software whose power today is hidden behind hundreds of menu options. A new user interface will help Photoshop become "everything you need, nothing you don't," said Photoshop product manager John Nack, describing aspirations for the Photoshop overhaul on his blog Monday. "We must make Photoshop dramatically more configurable," Nack said. "Presenting the same user experience to a photographer as we do to a radiologist, as to a Web designer, as to a prepress guy, is kind of absurd... With the power of customizability, we can present solutions via task-oriented workspaces," Nack said.
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by Pseudo Cyborg on Wed 7th Nov 2007 23:24 UTC
Pseudo Cyborg
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There are plenty of reasons why Adobe would need to consider this route and all of them are necessary.

Apple is depreciating Carbon. Adobe needs to make as full of a transition to Cocoa as possible. Adobe's interface with Photoshop (et al) is becoming increasingly cluttered. Context-Aware/Sensitive Applications increase workflow, and reduce clutter and perceived bloat.

This is all evolutionary. With an overhaul like this they can really create a proper suite rather than trying to glue applications together with gum. This will benefit everyone.

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