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Windows Windows Mobile 5 sports many new features and enhancements making it a very worthwhile upgrade. Perhaps the most important feature that everyone will love is persistent memory. Your data won't be lost if the battery runs completely dry; a new concept for Pocket PCs, and an old one for MS Smartphones and some Palm brand PDAs such as the LifeDrive and Treo 650 (and the Tungsten E2). Read more for an in-depth look at this new Windows version.
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Doesn't there come a point...
by Morgul on Thu 8th Sep 2005 05:34 UTC
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Doesn't there come a point in time when it's just retarded? Ok, being a geek, I love seeing OS's on small, mini things... or things I don't expect. (Like linux on a watch, or Windows NT Embeded in a coffee mug.) However, DX on a mobile unit? I can see some use for it, but 'better quality games'? Hardly. The quality of games on anything running WM5 is going to suck. Why? Because WM5 is designed for mobile devices that are *NOT* gamming machines. Buy a nice Asus Laptop for that. Who cares about your FPS in solitaire, ya know?

Sorry for the rant, but it just seems retarded.


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RE: Doesn't there come a point...
by on Thu 8th Sep 2005 06:26 in reply to "Doesn't there come a point..."
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It's not about Windows Mobile being a good gaming platform so much as providing a consistent library of graphics tools.

Often times in developing applications I can use the DirectX libraries to do some amazing graphics functions... and now you can do the same on Windows Mobile. Things like 3d charting and such that would require outside components will now be built in with the name of "DirectX."

But you surely won't see games in the traditional sense using it.

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Andrew Youll Member since:

I own a HP iPAQ rx3715, and I play games on it, I have Age Of Empires, loads of card games and some other strategy games.... but yes it's true Most PDA's wont have good gaming performance if DX is used or not, my iPAQ is "slow" compared to some newer PDA's the rx3715 has a 400Mhz ARM 920T CPU, most new PDA's have atleast a 600Mhz CPU. I am however pretty bummed that it wont get the WM5 upgrade, even thought it meets the requirements.

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