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Graphics, User Interfaces This is the fifth article in a series on common usability and graphical user interface related terms [part I | part II | part III | part IV]. On the internet, and especially in forum discussions like we all have here on OSNews, it is almost certain that in any given discussion, someone will most likely bring up usability and GUI related terms - things like spatial memory, widgets, consistency, Fitts' Law, and more. The aim of this series is to explain these terms, learn something about their origins, and finally rate their importance in the field of usability and (graphical) user interface design. In part V, we focus on modes.
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Doc Pain
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"If you like the old midnight commander, you should really try Xplorer2 Lite."

Because I like the "old" Midnight Commander, I'm still using it (on my UNIX and Linux boxes). It's not as old as you might think, it's still my first choice as primary file manager due to its great interface and ability to be configured in nearly every imaginable way. And it runs in pure text mode (important for SSH or maintenance operations where no GUI is available), too. Of course, I won't claim the Midnight Commander is the ideal tool for everybody and everything, but it has it advantages, allthough many of them may be seen very individually.

Here's a cool screenshot of the MC running on a TV screen: :-)

It's nice to see that there's something similar in "Windows" land, too. I just remember something like Total Commander, FAR manager (win32 text mode application) or Servant Salamander (with good command line integration), but that was many years ago when I had to make a "Windows" PC a bit comfortable for its user. I just had a look at Xplorer2 Lite using google's image seach, looks similar, allthough a bit strange to me... but this is as "Windows" always looks to me. :-)

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