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Multimedia, AV Having this recent infatuation with video, I embarked on a trip in the video editor world for Mac, Windows and Linux a few months ago. After days of intense searching and testing last June, I decided on the Windows platform and Sony Vegas. Vegas is one of the quickly rising video applications on the market today. This is an introduction of the application and the features that sets it apart from all the rest.
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Multi language support lacking.
by Ivan on Wed 14th Nov 2007 12:04 UTC
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I don't know about the competition, but one of the things missing in Vegas is a multilanguage support. Only English, German, French and Spanish are available. Smaller language communities (e.g. Dutch) are left out in the cold.

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IceCubed Member since:

Smaller language communities (e.g. Dutch) are left out in the cold.

Larger language communities (e.g Russian) are left out in the cold too.
Often the translation (if there is one) is horrible/unreadable.

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kragil Member since:

Well ... it prolly does not justify the cost. I dont think native dutch or russian version would add a lot to sonys pockets. Face the fact that those little or poor countries without a good language standard ;) are left out for a reason.

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Ivan Member since:

Premiere Elements comes in Dutch. It is also strongly marketed here. Not so for Vegas. Vegas is also kept a secret on sites such as Zdnet.

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