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Gnome Here's a tour of the pre-alpha demo release of GNOME Online Desktop included in Fedora 8. Learn more about what it does and how you can get involved in the project, writes Havoc Pennington.
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RE[2]: Does Gnome support OOXML?
by borker on Wed 14th Nov 2007 16:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Does Gnome support OOXML?"
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first, this entire thread is totally OT in a discussion about online desktops. Having said that, I can't help myself but reply anyways ;)

flash as it currently exists can't be used as a shield to hold off competition in two major markets (office productivity apps and operating systems) which is what MS' document formats have long been used for. If it were in a position to do so then by all means, such attempts should be resisted by anyone with an interest in the expansion of software freedom.

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Luckily the current climate is forcing a rubberstamp of "standards compliance". That is the ONLY reason MS is pushing OOXML to ISO. Some people take the pragmatic approach of using the situation to force OOXML into something useful as a standard, ie implemented by 3rd parties. The alternative is reverse engineering a proprietary blob.

This is too good of a chance to let slip by.

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