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Multimedia, AV Having this recent infatuation with video, I embarked on a trip in the video editor world for Mac, Windows and Linux a few months ago. After days of intense searching and testing last June, I decided on the Windows platform and Sony Vegas. Vegas is one of the quickly rising video applications on the market today. This is an introduction of the application and the features that sets it apart from all the rest.
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RE[3]: Sorry...
by LuisLavena on Wed 14th Nov 2007 19:07 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Sorry..."
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AVCHD, HDV and XDCAM are interpretet by the software according to Sonys implementation. If your source material comes from an JVC camera, for example, you may run into problems.

Thats what I meant with "propritary".

Welcome to the "not-so-standard" world!

Some owners of Sony DVD Handycams (DVD-VR is the format) reported that footage captured in 16:9 by the camera (in MPEG2 Program Stream format) wasn't flagged as "16:9" stream and required you use the Sony download utility to properly correct that.

That happens with Panasonic, JVC, and whatever you name as creator of consumer, professional and broadcast equipment.

XDCAM is a transport system and not a format [1], the thing recorded in the optical disc are DV or IMX files.

HDV is set as "standard" between Sony, JVC, Canon and Sharp that later get support by major software developers like GrassValley, Adobe, Sony and others. [2]

There are a few "breeds" of HDV that aren't compatible between each other, take as example JVC's variant of HDV: ProHD [3]

AVCHD [4] was set as "standard" (consortium) for HD in H.264 (MPEG4) format by Sony and Panasonic for flash-based camcorders.

Every software implementer took the best codec implementation for the task and used in their solution. Another "standard" solution.

So, at the end, everything is propietary :-)


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