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ReactOS The opensource Windows-compatible operating system ReactOS released a status update today. The highlights are the ability to run 2 applications (screenshots), kernel bugfixes, a restructured win32 subsystem, and plans about the next release (December 2007).
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by islander on Fri 16th Nov 2007 01:28 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: ....."
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Mate,dont know where you are but even pirated windows cost money where I am.

ReactOs would be free.

And here's something else for you.When Microsoft launched their WGA program alot of people who either bought their pc with a cracked Windows pre-installed or paid to have it installed got shafted.Lost some productivity and had to pay to get the mess sorted out.Even by having to buy a legitimate copy.

Again, because Windows is pirated doesn't mean it cannot be made as secure as a legitimate copy.Similarly because the source code of an Os is available for peeking doesn't make it any less secure inherently.Heck if that was the case then Windows should be the most secure operating system ever.

Point is the average script kiddy who break into computer systems either lack the skills or interest to proof read the code for an entire operating system to break it.


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by Coxy on Fri 16th Nov 2007 16:41 in reply to "RE[4]: ....."
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My part of the world is the uk, mate. If you paid for pirated software you've been had, mate.

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by islander on Fri 16th Nov 2007 22:31 in reply to "RE[5]: ....."
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Welcome to the third world.

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by gedmurphy on Sat 17th Nov 2007 01:27 in reply to "RE[5]: ....."
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As a fellow UK person, I find it slightly embarasing that you would potray pirated software in such a way.

I'm an open source programmer by night, but a closed source programmer by day, which pays the bills. I am fully against pirate software, as I'm sure many people on here are.

Either pay for the software you use, or use an open source alternative. Stealing is stealing. You wouldn't be impressed if I broke into you house tonight and stole your TV. It's no different, not matter what you might think!!!

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