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Amiga & AROS The AROS Show interviews AROS developer Robert Norris about the development of the new web browser for AROS. The name of the web browser is also revealed for the first time. "The browser will be called 'Traveller'. I had already thought of this as a potential name before asking for ideas, and when a couple of people suggested it too I knew it was good."
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RE: Firefox
by Vanders on Fri 16th Nov 2007 09:56 UTC in reply to "Firefox"
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What do you believe porting Firefox would give AROS that WebKit wouldn't? Gecko and Firefox are ridiculously complex pieces of software with equally complex dependency trees (Cairo!) It's very easy for someone to say "Oh just port Firefox" yet strangely, it's very difficult to find anyone who is willing to do the work to port it.

WebKit is a great HTML engine and just as capable as Firefox, while being much simpler to port. It appears to have become the engine of choice for smaller OSes: Arno started something of a trend when he ported it to Syllable and proved that it could be done by one person in a sensible timeframe. That's something that certainly can't be said of Firefox!

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RE[2]: Firefox
by Ishan on Fri 16th Nov 2007 13:35 in reply to "RE: Firefox"
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You're right, but having a familiar web browser is always a plus. I didn't meant doing another browser was stupid, just that it'll be better to have something like Firefox...

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