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Microsoft "InformationWeek recently interviewed Bill Hilf, Microsoft's leading light on open source issues. Since coming to Microsoft from IBM in 2003, Hilf has been inextricably involved with Microsoft's strategy for dealing with Linux. He's recently been appointed general manager of Windows Server marketing and platform strategy, which means he's taking on an expanded role, but open source is still one of his core issues."
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In other words . . .
by walterbyrd on Fri 16th Nov 2007 23:12 UTC
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Msft plans to continue their abusive monopolistic tactics of:

1) FUD: they say linux infringes their patents, and that they are protecting their inventions, but they won't say which patents, or which inventions. I call FUD.

2) Abusing the USA legal system by hiring pure scam comapnies like scox, and acacia, to file bogus lawsuits against linux companies - purely for the sake of harassment.

Msft has been doing this for years. I don't see anything new.

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