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Microsoft "InformationWeek recently interviewed Bill Hilf, Microsoft's leading light on open source issues. Since coming to Microsoft from IBM in 2003, Hilf has been inextricably involved with Microsoft's strategy for dealing with Linux. He's recently been appointed general manager of Windows Server marketing and platform strategy, which means he's taking on an expanded role, but open source is still one of his core issues."
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RE: i have an ideal
by chrono13 on Sat 17th Nov 2007 15:04 UTC in reply to "i have an ideal"
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To what purpose? Any license such code would be released under would most certainly explicitly prohibit the use of the code in any way.

Then there is the unfortunate issue that much of that code is still in the current versions. Some of it still used, most of it unused, but I would wager that more than you would care to believe is still there. I know many of the same unchanged files still are.

And in releasing code that can not be used for anything, by anyone, the only potential impact it may have would be as a weapon in later months or years against successful reverse-engineered projects like WINE and ReactOS.

I say let them keep their old dead code to themselves.

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