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Multimedia, AV sent us in one of their consumer electronics, the Linux-based Archos 604 PMP for a whirl, and we surely gave it one. This 30 GB PMP is the fourth generation video product from Archos, one of the biggest names in that market.
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RE: Silly device
by leplatdujour on Mon 19th Nov 2007 19:42 UTC in reply to "Silly device"
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Because you'd look rather silly toting one of those big plasma screens onto the train and then looking vainly for a power plug, that's why...

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RE[2]: Silly device
by Eugenia on Mon 19th Nov 2007 20:03 in reply to "RE: Silly device"
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Exactly. While in mainland and west US people don't use trains or busses or underground much to go to work, in NY and Europe people do. And they need something to pass the time with, and such a device helps. I know my brother in law watches "Lost" on his 2" iPod Nano on the way to work and he doesn't mind that small screen, let alone Archos' 4.3" screen.

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RE[2]: Silly device
by Ben Jao Ming on Mon 19th Nov 2007 20:19 in reply to "RE: Silly device"
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No one needs to watch movies in a train. This is pure materialism and shallow cultural digestion. People who care about movies watch them in a proper environment.

This thing was made for a stupid consumer generation. Just like Hollywood movies. And I bet that's exactly what people watch on these silly devices.

(this post is subjective.. please beg to differ)

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RE[3]: Silly device
by Eugenia on Mon 19th Nov 2007 20:25 in reply to "RE[2]: Silly device"
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We beg to differ. Personally, I don't read many books (I read technical and non-fiction books alright, but I am getting bored with novels). When I used to commute via train when I was living in UK, I wish I had a video player back then. But they were non-existent in 1997-9. And so I slept all the way through to work. It was boring. If I had a video player, I can assure you I would have used it.

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RE[3]: Silly device
by orfanum on Tue 20th Nov 2007 13:42 in reply to "RE[2]: Silly device"
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Hang on, I will just book myself into the local scriptorium and librarium and lock myself into monkish meditation before I turn the pages of this holy thing called a book...(and yes, this is just a stab at humour)...

seriously, these things are made for people with, yes, money, and, unfortunately, a lot of time on their hands waiting for the infernal transport infrastructure in this neck of the woods (the UK) to unstick itself.

By the way, what do you watch in the hushed tones of your home ampitheatre :-)?

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RE[3]: Silly device
by CVDpr on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 16:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Silly device"
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You read my mind.

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