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BSD and Darwin derivatives PC-BSD 1.4.1 has been released. "A update to PC-BSD has been released today, version 1.4.1. This new version may be obtained from our download page, additionally users who are running version 1.4 may download a patch to upgrade." It's mostly a bugfix release.
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RE: Thank you!
by Doc Pain on Mon 19th Nov 2007 23:13 UTC in reply to "Thank you!"
Doc Pain
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"Thank you for the hard work guys, I really love how easy to upgrade to a newer version. ;) "

That's a very useful feature, especially in the following situation: Whenever I downloaded a PC-BSD n to test it, they come along with a PC-BSD n.1 with updates. :-)

PC-BSD is a good BSD based OS for users who don't want to build a system on their own. KDE contains most of the stuff average users need, the PBI store contains the rest. On todays hardware, it runs fast enough to make a good consistent using experience.

Personally, I may say that PC-BSD is not my OS of choice. I'm using FreeBSD since the 4.0 days and I never found what advantages PC-BSD could give me which a manually tailored system can't. Furthermore, it requires more ressources, so it's not very fast on older hardware that someone might want to reactivate.

After all, a very good starting point into the world of BSD, especially for those who just want to try out. I always like to hand PC-BSD CDs around.

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