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Window Managers "Linux has proven amazingly flexible: after nearly 10 years of use, I'm still impressed by how the Linux operating system does exactly what I want on any type of hardware. Desktop customization is no exception; from the ultra-modern KDE and GNOME window managers to with the likes of Fluxbox and AfterStep, there's a Linux desktop to suit everyone."
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For me, I get a few benefits from Linux on the desktop:

- more efficient use of system for running VM (I use VM to host my OS collection and to develop/test custom installs before I buld a physical machine)

- Linux based OS on the desktop supports all my needed functions outside of video games. My video card is too old to push modern games so that's not really an issue even.

- Linux based OS are highly modular so I can reconfigure my system to specific needs. My desktop has a specific configuration.. my localy use VM have specialized configurations (ispconfig specialized server, eGroupware specialized server).

- Software to perform 99% of my needs is ready and waiting at my finger tips in the repositories. There is literally two programs that I can't or don't install through the distribution repositories.

- I have multiple machines at home and can throw a distribution on them legally as needed or at my whim. To build the same systems on a Windows platform, I'm looking at five to ten thousand in license fees.. that prohibitive limitation simply does not exist for me with FOSS.

- I get a native connection to my servers. ssh/X beats VNC or any other remote desktop I've tried.. hands down.. there is just no contest in that area. This is after years of Remotely Possible, Remote Desktop, Reach Out, VNC and any other windows platform solution plus limited success with VNC on *nix machines. even the X servers (clients?) that run over windows with ssh and X forwarding can't compare.

- I have lost all trust and faith in Mirosoft. After growing up using every OS they've released since Dos 5 I just can't help but recognize the coporate culture and behavior in the market place. I've no trust of what there binary blobs are doing besides what I want them to do and I have no interest in premoting there hostile business practices further by not voting with my wallet.

- Bash.. Windows is getting better at command line with every new branding

At this point, the only reason I hav a Windows native partition is to boot over for gaming and support some legacy locked-in data (PalmOS software and Motorolas windows only backup/sync software). I can't currently imagine using it as my primary OS for day to day work. I keep windows VMs installed since I already have the lincenses and need to keep current with IT for professional reasons or testing. Vista will also get installed eventually once I find a legal license for Ultimate (it's a learning tool, I need the full tool present to learn). After learning, it's eventual end will be only a DX10 gameing platform.

Yup, Linux and other platforms are great on the server side. If Windows does everything you need on the desktop side then stick with it (you've already invested a lot in licenses after all). If your reason for not trying a Linux or BSD OS as your desktop is because of brand recognition.. well.. it's time to setup a test machine and give it a try.

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Sorry OT.

At this point, the only reason I hav a Windows native partition is to boot over for gaming and support some legacy locked-in data (PalmOS software and Motorolas windows only backup/sync software).

AFAIK there's gammu and moto4lin which support Motorola mobiles, I also think kmobiletools and startalk does it as well. I've used it with my L6. All these are in the debian sid repos. One less reason to boot into windows ;)

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Cheers Cycoj,

I'll be checking those apps out tonight. My old Outlook/PalmOS/Motorola may become Evolution/N800/Motorola if I can get all the bits talking. Just being able to work with my phone will be a big step forward though.

The PalmOS issues will go way (too ebay) the moment I can fully replace all it's functions with the N800.

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