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AMD AnandTech takes a look at AMD's new Phenom. "If you were looking for a changing of the guard today it's just not going to happen. Phenom is, clock for clock, slower than Core 2 and the chips aren't yet yielding well enough to boost clock speeds above what Intel is capable of. While AMD just introduced its first 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz quad-core CPUs today, Intel previewed its first 3.2GHz quad-core chips. We were expecting Intel to retain the high end performance crown, but also expected AMD to chip away at the lower end of the quad-core market - today's launch confirms that Intel is still the king of the quad-core market."
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by cjcox on Wed 21st Nov 2007 04:53 UTC
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At least for now, price/performance, the AMD has Intel beat (by a significant margin). I wouldn't count AMD out just yet.

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RE: Price?
by irbis on Wed 21st Nov 2007 15:52 in reply to "Price?"
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Yep, from customer point of view it is the price/performance ratio that counts (plus reliability, power consumption and such things), not so much who happens to have the fastest product on the market at the moment. Newer and faster processors are developed all the time, and the fastest products are usually all too expensive for most people.

Besides, when AMD seemed to be leading CPU development and Intel seemed to be a bit slow, it was in fact very active time in Intel development labs. The results show now. The same could perhaps be said about AMD/Ati now, and I'm sure they have lots of internal development going on nowadays.

Anyway, Intel has been doing very well in the CPU power consumption front lately, and that may actually mean a lot more for their business success than who happens to have a slight lead in the most recent CPU speed comparisons.

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