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Apple When computer company Apple announced that they were planning to make a phone, most pundits felt sure that Apple would produce something a bit different from the crowd. An Apple phone would have to be a plush, prestige unit and the product of a thoughtful design process.
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by agildehaus on Wed 21st Nov 2007 14:53 UTC
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While your points are all valid (albeit presented in a rather insulting manner), it is a first generation product and Apple most certainly will be offering an SDK for it soon enough. What other company can make such an interesting phone their first attempt? Not many. That is what makes the iPhone appealing, not to mention that it offers one of the most pleasant web browsing experiences on a mobile device out there (you're welcome to blast it for not having 3G here, I'm pissed too).

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RE: Okay
by hibridmatthias on Wed 21st Nov 2007 16:23 in reply to "Okay"
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This wasn't really insulting at all. I thought it was a nice article and I agree with him...

...though if it ran linux (:-)) or allowed me to run all the ruby apps for dosage/plasma drug level/dosage interval calculators Ive written for work on it I might consider it...

Or Ill just wait for an eeepc and use my free Nokia phone that I got with my contract...

These are my choices just like the author had his. That is what is great about (semi)free markets...and technological evolution, like the theory Linus espouses...

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RE[2]: Okay
by bogomipz on Wed 21st Nov 2007 22:03 in reply to "RE: Okay"
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If the iPhone ran Linux, the product wouldn't be so interesting any more. It's not the hardware that is the slick part, it's the software.

That said, I was puzzled when the iPhone arrived, and it was clear it did not support 3rd party apps. It's Cocoa based for crying out loud! Why don't they make that its greatest advantage? Well, in the last couple of months Apple has announced that this will change, so we'll see.

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RE[2]: Okay
by Flatland_Spider on Thu 22nd Nov 2007 08:45 in reply to "RE: Okay"
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OS X is a *ix, so the criticism that it isn't linux is kind of silly. Besides any utilities you'll miss can more then likely be installed via macports.

If they would allow access to a Terminal I'm sure you could get them to work.

"Mac OS X 10.4 has ruby and irb (interactive ruby) installed by default, so I was able to just type "irb" and follow along with the examples."

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