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Apple When computer company Apple announced that they were planning to make a phone, most pundits felt sure that Apple would produce something a bit different from the crowd. An Apple phone would have to be a plush, prestige unit and the product of a thoughtful design process.
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RE: Phones are a fashion statement
by Odisej on Thu 22nd Nov 2007 09:43 UTC in reply to "Phones are a fashion statement"
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Well, now, really. The iPhone does so well because Apple puts millions of dollars in advertising. That's it. They sell ridiculously expensive equipment to the masses and you can only do that by building hype. That's what Apple does best. Whether it's computers, mp3 player or whatever. I've used better and cheaper alternative in all categories. But of course, since nobody advertises sansa, acer ferrari or alienware using Einstein (who would never use an Apple, btw, being too smart and all) nobody cares. i, for one, don't buy equipment so that I can brag around.

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You are absolutely correct on this. Regardless of the merits of the device, a good portion of the sales has more to do with the hype. It is a sad testament to the materialism in society. There is a large percentage out their that want one simply because of this trend.

I do not mean to necessarily knock the iPod, but in many ways this is a product that is built upon a lot of hype. I remember having a Diamond Rio, one of the first ones out there. So I am actually shocked when I see mainstream articles present the iPod as the first out there. As of today, there are numerous devices out there that are a better bargain in terms of price/storage size.

The iPhone at $500+ dollars is a testament to material obsession. How many purchasing, how many who waited in line really need an iPhone. Or better yet how many will even use any of the features that supposedly make it distinct. Similar to all those that rushed out to get the first camera phones, regardless of how crappy the quality of the camera is.

Another aspect is something I really have to question, do you REALLY need e-mail, web browsing etc.. on ANY phone? Are you truly that important that you must be this accessible? For about 99% the answer is no. I remember years back I was the director of IT at this company. The VP insisted upon having everything in the book, and my god so much time was invested in making sure his Ipaq synched, his contacts and calender synched etc.. Problem was, this guy was about as worthless to the company as a pencil. Yet his ego demanded that he was this important as to require my help desk to constantly attend to him while forgoing more serious issues. I have no doubt that if this was the present he would demand an iPhone. You see, for him this was all about ego, and not necessity.

To add to that, I really have to question WHY you want all this all the time? Are there not times when you can simply just go out and NOT be connected to your e-mail, IM, web? I see these days kids justing sitting around playing with their phones, yet they are hardly conversing. Some of my best memories from college were the nights my friends and I went out and did nothing but converse. I remember once seeing a group of about 3-4 younglings, for over an hour all I saw was them talking, IM'ing, and text messaging OTHER people. There is something wrong when you go out in public and you need to do this. I can accept if your wife is pregnant wanting to insure contact with all the family in case the water breaks...but come on, 99% of you do NOT need to be checking your e-mail while out on Friday night. This is just vanity, and the iPhone hype helps to insure your vanity is solid. In the end, it is just a phone, and the wise consumer needs to question why is $500 a value for a phone when they can get one for under $100.

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I don't think they are overpriced actually as much as everything else which relies on chinese and Tawainese slave labor is underpriced.

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