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KDE KDE 4.0 RC1 has been released. "The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the first release candidate for KDE 4.0. This release candidate marks that the majority of the components of KDE 4.0 are now approaching release quality. While the final bits of Plasma, the brand new desktop shell and panel in KDE 4, are falling into place, the KDE community decided to publish a first release candidate for the KDE 4.0 Desktop. Release Candidate 1 is the first preview of KDE 4.0 which is suitable for general use and discovering the improvements that have taken place all over the KDE codebase. The KDE Development Platform, comprising the basis for developing KDE applications, is frozen and is now of release quality." You want see Plasma panel? You get see Plasma panel!
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RE[2]: Dislike menu...
by MamiyaOtaru on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 04:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Dislike menu..."
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i've used vista's menu, and hate it.
i've used kickoff, and i'm not on the verge of tears yet. note that kickoff actually has real world usability testing done it by actual real world usability people using actual real world desktop computer users.

1: the implicit implication that Microsoft did not do any usability testing is probably specious.

2: the more people support stuff like Kickoff with the assertion that it was created through usability testing, the more I'm likely to ignore/mistrust anything to do with usability testing.

If usability testing is so all fired important, why haven't you switched the button order in dialogs like Gnome did? FYI: I'm glad you haven't, and Gnome saying they did so on the basis of usability studies doesn't make me like their dialog button order. It doesn't make me like Kickoff either.

Your points about change are good. A lot of people tend to reflexively dislike change. So I would hope there would be some tangible benefit that outweighs provoking such dislike. I'll try to find out if that's the case for myself by trying a liveCD. Whether its the case in general for the userbase as a whole will be seen shortly. I hope it pays off.

There have been people who laud every mockup and roadplan, there have been change hating fools like me. KDE4 seems to be a bit of a gamble, and whatever happens I salute the KDE team for undertaking it.

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