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Editorial This day-after-Thanksgiving, when many Americans are enjoying a day off and several others are at work goofing around on OSNews, we decided to ask you: what's your "killer app?" What's the one app you can't live without? Sound off in the comments - one app only!
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Some other apps
by Quag7 on Mon 26th Nov 2007 06:33 UTC
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I'd say ssh and screen, but since it has already been mentioned repeatedly, some that haven't:

weechat - best console-based IRC client I've seen so far. Split vertically so nicklist is always displayed, among other virtues. Really dig it.

qemu/kvm - I've got 8 OSes running here without a problem. So far it runs everything I've needed/wanted except Solaris. Then again, vmware locks my system up when I try to run Solaris as well.

portage - I still have few issues with portage. It still makes upgrading and installing pretty straight forward.

xmess - For running old Commodore, Apple, and Atari software. This thing emulates just about any old 8 bit computer.

bzflag - Still the only game I ever play, since I don't have a video game attention span that goes beyond 15 minutes most of the time. Fantastic game play, if not much bling.

klibido - Once I got used to the cluttered interface, I determined this was the best binary newsgroup handler/downloader I'd ever used.

Google Earth - can't get enough of this and it runs great in Linux

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