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SkyOS SkyOS build 6814 has been released. Among its new features are streaming support, system-wide spell checking, the Mozilla embedded Gecko engine (which is used to create a few applications like a Wikipedia reader), an updated Viewer (file manager), a new theme engine, and more.
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Open Source
by cipri on Tue 27th Nov 2007 16:39 UTC
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I'm really not sure what to think about people that always acuse SkyOs of not beeing open source.
I think in most cases this kind of people wouldn't contribute to SkyOs even if it would be open source.
So why are this kind of people so...fanatic ? Is it because they don't have something better to say, and they need a occupation? Or is it because in there brain is somewhere written: only open source is good, anything else is bad, is evil.
I mean, look for example at "Syllable". It is open source, it's extremly fast( booting under 10 seconds), it can be installed on a lot of machines, but still hardly a new developer cares about it.
You don't like skyos because it's not open source, who stops you to go to alternatives of skyos (like syllable, haiku,...)?
I know, complaining about something is always easier than doing real work.
Perhaps some of you should become philosophers.

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