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SkyOS SkyOS build 6814 has been released. Among its new features are streaming support, system-wide spell checking, the Mozilla embedded Gecko engine (which is used to create a few applications like a Wikipedia reader), an updated Viewer (file manager), a new theme engine, and more.
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I said "cool ideas" NOT "code". An OS is more than the product of it's code.

As for giving back, I'm sure the developer(s) of SkyOS already *are* publishing/distributing source patches to GPL'd works, otherwise they would be violating the terms of the license.

According to the GPL, people buying SkyOS should have access to modified sources that are included in SkyOS.

Since all software is built with factory these days, all patches to default software releases are included in SkyOS (recipes) so basicly all patches are available.

The people complaining about open/closed source should learn some more about the idea of open source software.
As other people said, most if not all projects are happy when yet another OS uses there software.

Besides that, the new features in every build are always a remarkable progress. You can't say that about every OS.

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