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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Canonical is announcing the availability of PPA: a Launchpad-integrated free service which allows anyone to get 1 GB of space to upload whatever software they want. Launchpad will compile it automatically and will set up an apt repository with your package to anyone who wants to use it. Aditionally, PPAs offer bug reporting and translation services.
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RE: Patch... - your comparing one to many
by jabbotts on Wed 28th Nov 2007 14:42 UTC in reply to "Patch..."
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Windows is Windows. The kernel changes but the libraries are all there back to the dawn of Dos. It's one repeatedly rebranded OS from a single controlling company.

This is where the confusion comes in; Linux is not an OS but the kernel at the core of many different and distinct posix inspired OS made from commodity parts assembled differently by each distrobution.

Mandriva != Debian != Red Hat != Ubuntu != Mint. These are all seporate but similar OS. They are all very similar and they all use the same kernel at there core but they are all slightly different depending on the goals of the distribution.

Now here's the kicker, Linux based OS prize choice instead of end user lockin. A standard would be nice but then we'd all have one distribution to choose from like y'all stuck in the smaller but more popular Windows world. One size does not fit all needs though so different "standards" are applied to different needs for the best solution in that specific case. Don't like a standard; try a different distribution or learn the simplicity of tarball -> make -> make install.

Comparing Windows to Linux based OS just doesn't result in a valid analysis. Yes we all do it but if you remove the religion, remove the purely emotional basis and compare purely on technical attributes they become simply uncomparible. Direct comparisons are not trully possible.

Good for windows supporting MS programming bugs all the way back to Dos. The primary goal of the Windows product line is to retain complete compatability (maintain barriers to change for users).

I'm personally glad that there are hundreds of different Linux based OS to choose from. Windows runs my games but the freedom of choice and a fully configurable system runs everything outside of video games for me very nicely.

Thus endyth my off topic rant.

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