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Gnome GNOME 2.20.2 has been released. "This is the second update to GNOME 2.20.0. The update fixes all known and unknown bugs and crashers." Not a whole lot more to say on this one.
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RE[4]: fixes all bugs?!
by marcusesq on Fri 30th Nov 2007 09:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: fixes all bugs?!"
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KDE just don,t get it.
Why add bloat and complexity to a file manager just so a user can choose between copying and moving a file, especially when you can just open another app that can do just that?
Everyone is just so fortunate that the developers realise that anything other than brown,grey & beige look totally unprofessional and therefore decided to protect users from theirselves by outlawing all offending colours.
Printers are so smart these days there is no need to tell them how to do their job.
Then theres the icing on the cake. Gconf, a product of the gnome usability guidelines that makes it easy for anyone to rebel against the party line and customise ANYTHING they can think of.
This fantastic foresight of the developers combined with great gnome apps such as Firefox and Nautilus (?) have resulted in the best OS on the planet for casual emailing and web browsing. No other OS on the planet caters to their target audience as well as gnome.
Why would anyone want to use KDE? KDE4 is full of bugs and the beta has already been released. If they could get rid of ALL bugs like gnome has done and had apps like Nautilus that NEVER EVER crashed, perhaps I could understand why two thirds of Linux users used it. If only they knew what was best for them.

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RE[5]: fixes all bugs?!
by Morgan on Fri 30th Nov 2007 13:48 in reply to "RE[4]: fixes all bugs?!"
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Your sarcasm would have been as perfect as the unknown-bug-squashing GNOME code if not for your reference to GNOME as an OS and not a DE.

Then again, perhaps that was part of the joke and I am not as sharp as I first thought.

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RE[5]: fixes all bugs?!
by Isolationist on Fri 30th Nov 2007 15:09 in reply to "RE[4]: fixes all bugs?!"
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"KDE4 is full of bugs and the beta has already been released."

Don't you mean KDE 4.0?

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