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Editorial In a PC Magazine opinion piece, Oliver Rist makes note of some deficiencies in Apple's new OS, declaring, "Before Apple makes any more smug OS-related attacks on Microsoft, it ought to take a good look in the mirror."
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"'ve had Vista on my PC since day 1, and I haven't any BSOD, I haven't any issues. It runs great.
I think Vista and Leopard are so very good that linux-boys are trying to spread a lot of FUD."

How is this comment deserving of a -3 rating. I guess that should you disagree with the MS hate and claim Vista to work as advertised, then you do deserve to be modded to obscurity. Vista on my laptop (sitting nicely beside Kubuntu) works like a charm, and I have to say I've had no problems with software compatibility. I really do prefer Vista to XP.

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This deserves to be modded down because it is off-topic flamebait. As someone else already pointed out, this has *nothing* to do with Linux. The original article doesn't mention Linux at all, and the author certainly isn't a "Linux boy", to use casuto's immature expression.

Also, being dissatisfied with Vista isn't "MS hate". This would imply that those who don't like the product are acting solely on an emotional, irrational basis. I find that attitude a bit simplistic.

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Just for the Record folks this is being bumped down cause of the part about Linux, as it is off topic this story was about Vista and OSX.

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