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General Development NetBeans 6.0 has been released. The 6.0 release includes significant enhancements and new features, including a completely rewritten editor infrastructure, support for additional languages, new productivity features, and a simplified installation process that allows you to easily install and configure the IDE to meet your exact needs.
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RE[2]: Netbeans is good but...
by J.R. on Mon 3rd Dec 2007 22:36 UTC in reply to "RE: Netbeans is good but..."
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There is a lot of discussion about what features go into Java.

To be honest I am starting to believe that Swing is broken beyond repair and that perhaps Sun should consider starting from scratch making a clean widget library. It has become better, and it will become better with the new application framework, but the old issues are still there and can not be removed due to backwards compatibility and such apparently...Swing is anyway you twist it still a compromise in order to provide platform independence: it sucks on all platforms! (ok that is a bit harsh perhaps, but it got issues for sure)

But if they implement closures in Java7 then perhaps its time that they implement a proper event model using closures instead of the current actionlistener-interface model. A new performance tuned and native looking model/view widget library with proper event handling would be sweet.

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I'm totally sold on delegates in C#/.Net. Since it is basically the same as Delegates in Java (some intermediate class is created) with the exception that the kind compiler takes care of all the crap for me, that wouldn't be to much to ask for in Java?

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