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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "It may be a brave opinion but I predict that Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista are going to be the two operating systems that will take over the largest chunk of the desktop OS market during the next couple of years. This comparison is based on my experience with both systems during the last couple of weeks on two different computers."
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RE: Well
by cycoj on Wed 5th Dec 2007 11:09 UTC in reply to "Well"
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There is still a need for the command line and in some cases config files. There are a vast range of GUI front-ends--that edit config files for you--but the more advanced things like configuring SSH, VPN, and some Wireless cards, require the command line and/or editing files.

surely you're kidding. Have you ever tried setting up an ssh or svn server on Windows. Or even tried to setup the ssh client to use keyauthentification? This is a breeze on almost any linux distribution I've ever encountered, you're right sometimes you do have to use the cli, although most linux distribution set everything up so it works for the simple use case. But compared to windows where it doesn't work half the time, you have to also edit obscure text files, and then it still does not work. BTW why do you use ssh when you don't want to use the commandline?

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