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RE[3]: Stationary
by kaiwai on Thu 6th Dec 2007 21:16 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Stationary"
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Meh. A few people abuse it, so wipe it out for everyone everywhere.

Of course, what benefit does it add for YOU? nothing, absolutely nothing. Is it necessary to change the fonts - does it some how magically change or improve your email? of course not!

I receive emails for information purposes. I get an email to inform me of something; how the email looks by way of font, colour, layout or what not has no impact; infact, if you send me a candy coated email that looks like a teeny bopper has written it, it goes instantly into the trash.

Your response is essentially "users are too dumb to know any better (than I do), so let's take it away from them." That's elitist in my book.

Yes, users are dumb. For some here they seem to have never gone through the stark realisation of the world as it is. Most people hit it when they're 19, sometimes in their mid twenties, and in my case, when I was 9. Realising that the world isn't so fabulous; basically that moment when life crushes ones own spirit.

A realisation that people are morons, and it isnt elitist, it being a realist. Look around you, we have people who have children who can barely support themselves - then they turn around and demand hand outs from the government. We have people know full well what the cause of obesity is but think its because of everything else besides eating too much and doing too little exercise.

So no, I'm not an elitist, just observing mans ability to take stupidity to all new lows, and worse, the seemly celebration of ignorance which popular culture seems to perpetuate.

ps. I've never in my life seen an emal with 40 fonts. 99% of HTML email I receive is one font, one background. Hardly the mess you're painting.

Then obviously you haven't been out for long. I've seen HTML not only utilised, but abused on a mass scale. Its like going from being a moderate gamer to the gamer who plays a game for 70 hours straight (and then subsequently dies - occurred in Korea to a young lad)

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RE[4]: Stationary
by Adam S on Thu 6th Dec 2007 21:27 in reply to "RE[3]: Stationary"
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My company has received 6.2 million emails since late 2004, accordingly to our mail gateway. Of those emails, approx 85% have been rejected before delivery to our mail server. If they are massively loaded with abusive HTML, they are rejected. Most HTML emails are not, they are perfectly acceptable.

I've been out long enough to understand HTML email and what it is, as well as when rogue admins decide they will enforce their whim upon their users. We know better, so everyone must alter their way to suit us. I think it's lame. If you can't learn to meet your users' requirements, you have no business being a network administrator.

By the way, I can't help but think this is a bit like the DMCA argument: since a few users will pirate this DVD, we'll lock it down for everyone, since obviously, no one can be trusted.

We don't refuse delivery based on mime type, we don't alter emails at the server. Large companies just don't work that way.

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