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RE[7]: I have to disagree.
by Alleister on Thu 6th Dec 2007 21:54 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I have to disagree."
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Uhhh, there are new Sam and Max Episodes (in 3d) for PC and strangely... they aren't on consoles. In fact, i don't know any recent Adventures on any console, but there are plenty on PC right now.

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RE[8]: I have to disagree.
by archiesteel on Thu 6th Dec 2007 22:34 in reply to "RE[7]: I have to disagree."
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If by "Adventure" you mean "Point and click", then you are right, however I think that's a rather limiting definition of the genre. It is true that lines between various genres have been blurred over the last decade. Are

Beyond Good & Evil
adventure games, for example? The umbrella term "Action/Adventure" is often used to differentiate console adventure games from the more traditional point-and-click fare that were big in the 80s and 90s. Also, I doubt most people would consider Adventure games to be "hardcore"...but then again, that depends on one's definition.

However, you have to realize that "pure" adventure games are a very, very small market these days. That doesn't mean they can't be fun, on the contrary; it simply means that, in the context of this discussion, they can hardly be said to be a selling point for Windows-based gaming (especially since many modern point-and-click adventures are now Flash-based, and therefore highly portable).

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RE[9]: I have to disagree.
by Alleister on Fri 7th Dec 2007 01:29 in reply to "RE[8]: I have to disagree."
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There are flashbased adventures? Care to point some out to me? I didn't know that and so far i thought every big flashgame suffers bad from size limitations (big flashfiles seem to get a lot of problems). Also i believe you think too much early nineties. When i talk about modern Adventures i talk about games like Jack Keane, big living 3D world, fluid animation... i don't think you can do that in flash. I like adventures (and i don't count Beyond good and Evil into Adventures, because it constantly forces me to mindless torture a Joypad with random key presses to beat up strange monsters) and the kind i like doesn't seem to be available on consoles.
In general, when i have a look at console games there doesn't seem to be the range of games available that a PC offers.

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