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Mac OS X Since my Cube could not run Leopard, and I did not have any other Macs, I was unable to delve into Leopard right away. Apple NL was kind enough to fix this problem for us, by generously loaning me a brand new MacBook with Leopard installed so I could review it for OSNews. Read on for the findings.
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RE[2]: Stationary
by Adam S on Fri 7th Dec 2007 03:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Stationary"
Adam S
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Obviously, you haven't read this thread.

If the *only* HTML emails you receive are ads and spam, then you're not using email professionally.

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RE[3]: Stationary
by abraxas on Fri 7th Dec 2007 04:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Stationary"
abraxas Member since:

I use email everyday "professionally" whatever that means and when someone sends me a structered document they send it to me as an attachment. I often get excel spreadsheets, word documents, and pdfs as attachments. Otherwise text is plain.

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RE[4]: Stationary
by MysterMask on Fri 7th Dec 2007 22:35 in reply to "RE[3]: Stationary"
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"I often get excel spreadsheets, word documents, and pdfs as attachments."

Funny. You waste bandwith with bloated Excel, Word, etc. attachements just because you don't like to use such a simple thing as a html table within the e-mail message?

This html-or-not-discussion is so ridiculous.

Maybe we should start to make the internet plain text and add everything else as separat download.
Of course its absolutely waste of bytes to use header markup tags. Instead we should rather use a lines of ============================= and ----------------------------- to tell readers that the text was meant as a heading. This save so much bytes!
Let's go back to 7bit ASCII and forget about Unicode (who needs chinese or arabic letters anyway?).
Down with bloated XML!
Forbid any formatting tags - because there will always be people with bad taste misusing them.

And we should start a petition that OS News removes all pictures and stuff to save bandwith (starting with the comment section, I guess).

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